Architecture Photography

When we admire a work of architecture on the Internet, we are actually admiring the work of a photographer.

Architectural photographers in the digital age have increasingly become the authors of the visual narrative with which we perceive our constructed environment. Their vision is decisive, not only for the way we see architecture, but also for the way we understand it. -Divisare

Architectural photographers, in a sense, are the translators of the built world.  They create images that contain the true essence of a project's design: the context, materials, and details, all while creating a sense of the experience of viewing in person.  They craft what is often the very first impression of an architect's work.

Brad Dickson Images is a NYC based boutique architectural photography studio. Dedicated to the discerning architect and interior designer. With over 15 years of experience photographing the built environment, Brad aims to create stunning images in order to promote his client's work.

He offers calm expertise and exceptional customer service to your project no matter the scale, budget, or location. Many of his clients are repeat customers because his client relationship remains strong throughout the process; from identifying goals to photographing, to editing and post-production, and to delivering images.